Barbeque Glove a Deal.

Deal or Dud
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One of the fun things we do on Deal or Dud, and something that makes Jerry Hayes smile, is the occasional chance I might nick my hand, or end up scorched in the testing of a product.

It just makes him laugh and we love it.

And he got a kick out of the “Barbeque Glove.” It’s one of those many products on the market that protects you from the heat of a grill or oven.

Most of them work fine and this one holds its own. It costs $14.99.   We fire up a grill and let it go to 500 degrees and I was able to put my hand, with the Barbeque Glove on it, on it for about 30 seconds before I had to remove it.

***Don’t do this at home. ***

This is rated to 480 degrees and it will protect you nicely. The Barbeque Glove we like!