Bagel Guillotine a Deal

Deal or Dud
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It's one of the more bizarre items we've tested for Deal or Dud.

A viewer emailed us about the Bagel Guillotine.

Charlene sent this note to us. (Thank you Charlene!)

  "I saw this thing called the Bagel Guillotine and it looked like a great item. But it costs $19.99. I go through a lot of bagels and was wondering if it was cheap and flimsy or a sturdy item. What about a "Deal or Dud" on the Bagel Guillotine?"

At the urging of Charlene, we bought a Bagel Guillotine at a local home store for $19.99.   That seems a little pricey to me but some folks love quirky gimmicky toys for their kitchen.

The Bagel Guillotine comes in two pieces. You put the bottom half on a flat surface like a table. Then the bagel goes in the middle.  It fits in the slot perpendicular to the flat surface.   The top half is what cuts/slices the bagel in half.  There is a triangular blade in the top half.   (Draw this picture with your brain is helpful)

The point of one corner of the triangle goes into the bagel and then you muscle the top half down.  It slices the bagel easily.   We tried several bagels and it made quick work of several.

The Bagel Guillotine is a Deal. We like it even at $19.99.

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