Bacon Griller Not As Simple As It Seems

Deal or Dud
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We tested many items on Deal or Dud that cook bacon.

Some have been good. The BaconWave, for example, is great at cooking bacon. We made it a Deal.

The BaconBowl was not very good. We made it a Dud.

I received an email from a viewer asking about the Bacon Griller.

It’s an odd (odd to me I guess) item that goes on a grill.  It’s like a small metal tent that you put on a grill over medium heat.

You then drape the bacon over the top halfway and let it cook.

We found some issues pretty quick.  The bacon we put on the Bacon Griller cooked unevenly. The bottom half was not close to be cooked while the top half was on it’s way to burning.

Also, the Bacon Griller is a mess to clean up.  There are areas for the grease to drain, but it filled up very fast and overflowed.

The Bacon Griller cost $12.99.   But it just seemed a bunch of trouble to us.

When you cook bacon, you could put it in some paper towels on a minute a slice and have great bacon.

The Bacon Griller was a lot of trouble.

If you camp a great deal, and have to have your bacon, it might be useful in that setting. But at home, I think the Bacon Griller is a Dud.

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