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Spatulas are supposed to help flip various things as you cook them — but they can sometimes struggle to get everything flipped over.

The Easy-Flip is supposed to help fix that by grabbing it from both sides before you flip it over.

“My whole family comes to town, and we’ve got nieces and nephews, grandbabies everywhere, and it takes way longer to even make breakfast than for all of us to eat it,” said Stephanie Cashin, the easy-flip tester.

And typical crowd favorites for breakfast are pancakes and eggs. Both can be made in the skillet, and both usually require flipping.

The Easy-Flip is a two-in-one spatula and kitchen tong that claims to make flipping and gripping foods easy.

So we started with pancakes and a normal spatula for comparison.

“Pretty typical,” Cashin noted of the normal spatula. “It was a little difficult to get the whole thing over at the same time, almost lost it.”

And on the next flip, we used the Easy-Flip.

“Oh! That was super cool! I didn’t think it was gonna be that cool, I thought, eh, it’s a spatula, but that was awesome!” Cashin said.

The Easy-Flip was a success with the pancakes! But eggs might be a different story. “Eggs can be more finicky about you know, yolks spilling, and you have to be a lot faster,” Cashin said.

Flipping the yolky eggs was not quite as amazing as flipping the pancakes.

We decide that it works best with foods that already have a slightly solid consistency. In that case, you can make flipping faster with the easy flip spatula.

“I think people have multiple spatulas, definitely add it to your little spatula collection.”

Deal or Dud verdict: Deal, $10