Amish Wood Milk a Deal

Deal or Dud
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Mary Smith is one of the sweetest dearest people I have ever met.

She has a “home” as opposed to a house.

She retired as a school teacher only to go back to teach homebound students.

When Mary emailed asking to test Amish Wood Milk, I’m glad I responded quickly.

She was a dream to work with on the Deal or Dud test.

Mary agreed to test some pieces in her home that do have an emotional value for her. One of them was a table from her Mom’s family.

She was eager to see if the Amish Wood Milk would make her furniture look better. The claim is that the Amish Wood Milk does not have wax or oil.   It only cost $9.99. The claim is it cleans the furniture and makes look much better.

Mary tested it on two pieces and thought it worked fine. In fact, after the Deal or Dud test, Mary is looking forward to using it on other pieces in her home.

Mary made the Amish Wood Milk a Deal.


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