Aeternum Saute’ Pan Tops List of 2012 Best Deals

Deal or Dud
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The best product of 2012, we think, is the Aeternum Saute Pan.   The Aeternum line claims to be non-stick.  Our experience with previous nonstick pans was spotty at best.  Almost all the nonstick pans we had tested proved to be deficient in the “nonstick” claim.

But the Aeternum was amazing.  We fried an egg in the sauté pan with no butter or cooking spray. After two minutes, the egg was sliding around the pan like a coin.  After checking around, we couldn’t find any negative reviews. Since the Deal or Dud test, I’ve run into several people who bought the sauté pan and loved it. After purchasing the pan, they bought more Aeternum products.

We picked four other products we think stood out over the rest during 2012 as “Deals.”

We loved the “Spring Float.”  It’s a float for the summer that has a mesh center. The mesh allows you to sink just a bit into the water and stay cool on a hot summer day. The floatation part of the float is on the edge, or outline, of the float. It might be sturdier or stronger for a pool or lake setting than the beach. But we loved it.

 We also loved the Instahang.  The Instahang works like a giant stapler. You load pins in a “gun.” Then you mark the spot on the wall where the pin goes. You line up the “gun” and then hit the top like a stapler. The “gun” part shoots the pin in at a downward angle so it anchors into the wall better. The Instahang comes at a level in case you need two pins to hang a big picture or work of art.  It works easy, and believe it or not, the directions are easy to read and understand.

The Boom Cube is an audio booster for your smart phone or laptop.  It comes with adaptors to fit all the appropriate smart phones.  It’s great for the car or vacations.      I have a smart phone with about 800 songs on it. I love the Boom Cube because it gives me an extra boost on the audio.  I like my music loud and the Boom Cube helps me get there!

Finally, we loved the Sticky Buddy. The Sticky Buddy is a lint roller type device that specializes in picking up pet hair.  We met a really cool older dog name Cooper. Cooper cooperated by shedding a large chunk of hair over the course of a week.  The Sticky Buddy picked up the hair easy! We loved it!  The Sticky Buddy can be washed with soap and water.

And the best part…is we were “Hanging with Mr. Cooper.”    If you know that cultural reference, congratulations, and don’t forget to fill your new AARP card.

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