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Taking Action
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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – It almost goes without saying, it’s relaxing to drive outside the city limits. All the beautiful fields and trees make it pleasurable. The problem is, sometimes the very trees that look so pretty, can be dangerous, “”This huge oak the right side that has a limb almost as big as the tree leaning over the west bound lane,” says Patrick Kallus. He’s talking about a tree that extends out over the road on Madison County’s Capshaw Road.

There are plenty of trees with foliage over roads across the county, but this particular tree has been trimmed before, and the resulting shape looks precarious. “It’s really scary. I’ve thought about going home some different way,” says Patrick. He adds this, “with all the storms we’ve had, it just looks like it could blow over on to the road.”

There’s plenty of precedent in Madison County for storms to bring trees down. Usually it’s the things they land on we worry about. For the tree on Capshaw Road, the worry is that it might come down during a storm, and an unwary driver might hit it. Cars hitting down trees happens all the time.

The solution to the tree problem appears to be simple. “Remove that limb, or remove the tree” says Patrick Kallus. We’re taking action and taking that suggestion to Madison County officials. Fixing this tree problem, would seem to be the sensible thing to do.

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