Should You Purchase Ticket Insurance for Your Next Event?

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With all the uncertainties that come with a pandemic, more people are purchasing ticket insurance for concerts, festivals, and sports events than ever before. In fact, one study done in the United Kingdom reported that around three in 10 people would now be more likely to pay for ticket insurance, thanks to mass cancelations of big events that took place early on in the pandemic.

But is ticket insurance really worth the cost? BBB recommends the following tips if you’re considering making the purchase.

  • Read the fine print before you buy. Always take the time to read the specifics about what a ticket insurance covers and what it doesn’t. Different insurances offer widely varied policies. For example, some ticket insurances cover illness, but not pandemic related illness. Others offer a refund if you test positive for COVID-19, but not if you were simply exposed to the virus and need to self-isolate. Others cover car breakdowns but not stolen tickets. Take into consideration the scenarios you may personally face to decide whether it’s worth buying the insurance.
  • Contact the ticket seller. If you are mainly concerned with an event being postponed or canceled, ask the ticket seller how they handle those situations. In most cases, the primary ticket vendor will offer you a refund if an event is canceled or postponed because of the pandemic.
  • Weigh the pros and cons of tickets to postponed events. Be sure you want to keep tickets to a postponed event if you are offered that option. Usually, once you agree to keep the tickets, you probably won’t get to change your mind later.
  • If you are traveling for the event, check your travel insurance. Your travel insurance may allow you to make a claim for a refund if you test positive for COVID-19, which may mean you won’t need ticket insurance from a third party company.
  • Always research the insurance company. Before making a purchase from a third-party company, even if they are featured on a trusted ticket vendor’s website, do some research. Look up the company on and read the business rating and customer reviews, keeping a close eye out for customer complaints.
  • Watch out for ticket insurance scams. Don’t fall for phishing emails that promise you too good to be true deals on cheap ticket insurance, even if they appear legitimate. In addition, make sure you aren’t on a fake website if you do choose to purchase ticket insurance for an upcoming event.


If you’ve been the victim of a scam, report it to BBB Scam Tracker. To find a business you can trust, check out

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