How to prepare your business for an OSHA inspection

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The hardhat of a iron worker. ( TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/GettyImages)

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Whether your business is in construction, manufacturing, or even business services, if you ever have an onsite accident at your business, it’s wise to prepare yourself and your employees for a visit from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, or OSHA. People often cringe at the thought of such an inspection. In reality, the purpose of OSHA is to help insure safe working conditions for all employees.

In addition to assuring that safety is a top priority at all time, preparation is the key to avoiding stress and confusion during an inspection.

  • It is your right to check the credentials of anyone who comes to your business claiming be an OSHA Inspector.
  • Scammers have posed as OSHA inspectors to exhort money from businesses with phony citations.
  • You will also need to compile records and documentation regarding the accident, prepare an inspection kit as well as prepare your employees to work with the inspector.

If your business is issued a citation, be sure to understand your rights, options, and next steps. For more tips on working with an OSHA Inspector and Preparing for an OSHA Onsite Inspection.

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