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HILLSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) – Some much needed closure for those who have followed the story of Lawrence County’s troubled animal shelter. This weekend, the people who’ve been caring for some 250 dogs and cats, hope to find new and loving homes for the animals. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is sponsoring the adoption event this weekend.

It’s a remarkable development really. The ASPCA took the animals from the squalor that was the Lawrence County Animal Shelter. Those that survived have been nursed back to health. They’re up to date on their vaccinations, each has been spayed or neutered and each has a new microchip so they will always be able to be identified. And now, they’re ready to go home.

When we asked the ASPCA’s Tim Rickey how many of the 250 animals he expects will be adopted this weekend, he says, “All of them.”

Rickey says they’ll have specialists on hand Saturday and Sunday to help match new pets with new homes. He says it’s not just a matter of walking in and taking an animal. Rickey says the ASPCA will follow-up to make certain each animal is properly placed and in a good environment. He says they want to make absolutely certain none of the animals wind up in a dangerous environment.

“And as the families come in, we’ll be finding out from them what type of pet are they looking for, what is their lifestyle, what is their ability to take on certain animals and matching them with pets that really match their lifestyle,” Rickey says.

For this special adoption event, the ASPCA is waving all fees. It will cost you nothing to adopt one of these animals this weekend. And after all that they’ve been through, there’s a lot of hope they will all find a new and loving home.

“I believe those amazing things will happen and I’m going to have confidence that this community will come out and support this effort and we’ll see all of these guys curled up on a couch Sunday night,” Rickey says.

All of the animals are at the ASPCA’s emergency shelter in Hillsboro. It’s located on the back side of the Hillsboro Gin Company, at 14934 AL Highway 20. For more information, click here to go to learn more about the pet adoption event the ASPCA has planned for this weekend.