Another Harvest Homeowner Accuses Contractor Of Taking Thousands, Skipping Out On Job

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HARVEST, Ala. (WHNT) – A Harvest woman couldn’t get to her phone fast enough after our last ‘Fighting for You’ report aired. Jennifer Haynes’ friend called to tell her John Glenn was in one of our reports.

Another Harvest homeowner accused Glenn of starting a contractor’s job a year ago and never finishing it. The story is very familiar to Haynes. So, she hung up with her friend and called WHNT NEWS 19.

What did Haynes say? She said Glenn duped her too! Haynes and her husband hired Glenn to make a few improvements around the house. Glenn collected thousands, started the work, but never finished any of it.

Some of the parts remain in Haynes’ home three years later. What the homeowner has to say about Glenn might surprise you.

Haynes’ phone call to WHNT News 19 Newsroom convinced a reporter to visit her home.

“We put the stove in and it is not plugged up. We hadn`t used it yet,” said Jennifer Haynes.

Haynes has walked around the island three years. But, it hasn’t been a vacation.

“We just look at it every day and brush the dust off,” added Haynes.

Haynes wishes she could find comfort in the living room. She says Glenn made sure that was not an option.

Haynes added, “He was supposed to be doing the fireplace. As you can see, it is not complete.”

She says Glenn, a contractor at the center of last week’s ‘Fighting for You’ report, was supposed to replace the mantle.

Haynes also hired Glenn to re-design a room.

“It`s a closet. It`s always been a closet, but it was supposed to have been changed to a powder room,” added Haynes.

Haynes can only sigh, smile and keep going.

“We are managing. I hate it happened, but everything has its purpose for happening,” added Haynes.

Haynes says she paid Glenn $10,000. She believes messed up flooring, uneven windows, wrong-sized doors and unmatched brick prove Glenn did only about $3,000 worth of work.

Haynes lost contact with Glenn years ago. The closest she’s gotten to him was hearing his voice on WHNT News 19.

“My mouth dropped. I was like, okay, I need to get in touch with you guys because the same thing happened to me,” added Haynes.

WHNT News 19 reported last week, homeowner Scott Ritter paid Glenn to fix a ditch and Glenn fixed the ditch the wrong way.

Haynes tried calling and texting Glenn, but he never got back to her.

“We just kept getting the runaround, the runaround and the runaround. He said he was at another site, another job, busy, out of town and or in the hospital,” added Haynes.

Deep down, Haynes is not concerned about the money.

“It hurts, but you know, revenge is not mine. You just can`t go around getting over on folks,” added Haynes.

She’s prayed a lot. She’s also forgiven Glenn. But, WHNT News 19 wondered what she would say to Glenn if he called her.

“If you could, and if you would, come finish up the job. Finish up the job, but if not, so be it,” added Haynes.

WHNT News 19 got Glenn on the phone the morning this story aired and asked what happened at Haynes’ home.

Glenn told WHNT NEWS 19 he doesn’t know Haynes. WHNT News 19 asked Glenn a second time and got the same answer.

So, WHNT News 19 called Haynes. Haynes told WHNT News 19 Glenn apologized to her husband last night.

By the way, Glenn also told WHNT News 19 he fixed the sinking hole outside the home featured in last week’s story.

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