An Angel In Fatigues

Taking Action
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(WHNT) – Susan Lenox nominated Susie Shapiro for this week’s Pay It Forward.

“Lt. Col. Susan Shapiro is a survivor. She served our country in the U.S. Army overseas, survived breast cancer and is now caring for her mother who is battling breast cancer. Despite all of this, she still finds time to help anyone in need. Friends or strangers makes no difference, if there is a need she is there helping them with food, clothing, transportation, paying bills, even letting her house be used for the ones that need a bed to sleep in. She is not only a survivor, a hero, but a wonderful blessing to all that comes in contact with her. She deserves to have a Pay It Forward, after all that is her motto.”

She adds this, “if it wasn’t for her, I’d been out on the streets and she has been nothing but a pure Angel for me. I had lost my job and out of the blue she came in and saved me from getting put out on the streets. She paid my rent, my utilities and Jeep payment for five months until I was able to find another job.”
Susie grew up in a military family where she was the youngest of five children, “we didn’t grow up with much,” but she is quick to add the military has been good to both her and her husband, Jeff. In fact, Susie officially retires August 1st as a Lt. Colonel with 24 years of service including a tour in Iraq. “Since we had so much and we have been blessed, I decided that I would start giving to people who didn’t have or who needed and I also rescue animals. I love furry animals so I do that, too. I guess I just enjoy doing for other people, I really do.”