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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Have you gotten an email recently that you have a package that was undeliverable? If so, you might be on the receiving end of a phishing scam that could be starting up again in North Alabama, and this one might affect your workplace.

Emails about undeliverable packages are asking people to click on a tracking number and take the shipping to your nearest post office.

But, Better Business Bureau of North Alabama CEO Elizabeth Garcia said USPS will never email you about a package. They will call you, or leave something in your mailbox.

“You can go onto the USPS website, as in this particular scam, and you can plug-in that number if it gives it in writing. But don’t click on a link to try to download it, ” she said.

Garcia said this is a phishing scam that can download malware to your computer. She said the email addresses it comes from are usually similar to major mail carriers.

“It might look like on a first glance that hey this is from the USPS, this is from Fed Ex, but it’s really not. It’s an alternate name, only slightly altered to fool people,” she said.

These phishing scams don’t discriminate. They could come to your work email, and it only takes one person for it to spread.

“Most likely someone in the office received that email, clicked on the link, and they’ll immediately grab all of the contact information from their address book and start emailing out the phishing scam to everyone,” explained Garcia.

She recommends resetting your passwords often, making sure your firewalls are in place and training people on what to do with suspicious emails.

“Depending on how those internal network security and firewalls are set up in your particular office, that will determine whether it infects the whole site,” said Garcia.

She encourages you to verify the tracking number through a trusted source first, like the major carriers’ websites or phone numbers.