12-Year-Old Wants ‘Hank the Handyman’ Put In Jail, Accuses Him Of Stealing TV

Taking Action
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A Huntsville 12-year-old has no time for sibling rivalry. Azia Jones wants to help her brother. She says a man took her brother's television and won't return it.

Azia's parents can't find the repairman. She emailed WHNT NEWS 19 to see if the station could help.

Azia is mad at a guy known as 'Hank the Handyman'. Azia's parents paid Hank to fix her 6-year-old brother's TV. Hank started working on the TV in April, but no one has seen him or the TV since.

Azia wants Hank the Handyman in jail. Her brother just wants his TV to play video games.

Who says kids can't stand up for themselves?

"I mean, that is his sanctuary. He loves games," said Azia.

Azia is taking up for her brother.

"He loves games, period. I like games too. Still, it was sad how someone could take a TV from a 6-year-old," added Azia.

Azia accuses a man, known as Hank the Handyman, of taking her brother AJ's TV in April. Her parents hired Hank to fix it.

"We called him and texted him. We got in touch with him, but he is still not here like he said he would be two months ago," added Azia.

AJ hasn't played video games on his TV since then.  He really likes to play Spiderman 3 and get the bad guys.

"I spit my webs on them, swing them and throw them," said AJ.

Azia explains why she asked WHNT NEWS 19 to fight for her family.

"I am getting tired of my brother asking where is my TV, where is my TV," said Azia.

Azia emailed our Fighting For You team.

"I was actually surprised she would take the initiative to do that," said Azia's dad, Andre.

Hank the Handyman got $40 to fix AJ's TV.

"I don't really care about the money. He can keep it. It's just the TV, that is what's most important," said Azia.

Azia's mom tried getting Hank to return the TV.

"He said he did not have the address, so he had me to email him the address. He did not respond," said Azia's mom.

Mom continued trying. She called Hank and even sent text messages.

The mother was pretty direct in her text to Hank.

"I'm pretty much telling him to just give us the TV whether it is fixed or not. We never got a response. I told him keep the $40 bucks and just give us the TV," added the mom.

Azia's mother still got no response. WHNT NEWS 19 got Hank's number and made a call.

Hank the Handyman blames the delay in returning AJ's TV on wrong orders for TV parts.

"They are not getting their $40 back. I went over there, picked up the TV, ordered the parts and the parts came in wrong. They are more than welcome to have their TV.  I spent that much in gas going to pick up the TV and everything else. I don't work for free," said Hank.

Hank was quick to let WHNT NEWS 19 know he's fine with giving AJ his tv back. He wanted to give the TV to the station. WHNT NEWS 19 told him no, he has to face AJ's family to return the TV.

WHNT NEWS 19 is working with Hank to arrange a visit to Azia and her family. We want to see Hank hand over the TV.

WHNT News 19 got results. Hank the Handyman and broken TV are no longer a problem for AJ.

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