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In case you haven’t heard, there was a pretty big game last night. The Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots went head to head in a game that made history. It wasn’t for the most yards covered or passes caught, but for the lowest scoring game in super bowl history.

And our viewers definitely had something to say about the big game. Whether it was about who they were rooting for, or not rooting for… this game got tons of reactions.

On Twitter, we took a poll. Who did our viewers think was going to win Super Bowl 53? The results were half and half. So if you couldn’t decide who would win out of these two teams, were you rooting for anyone else?

Ann wanted a boycott option on our poll…

Sorry, Ann.

And the “Money Tree Tiger” had quite the blunt statement.

I don’t know much about the reality of it, but the prediction was correct. Good job!

And then we went to Facebook and simply asked, “Who do you want to win?”

Some people predicted the Steelers, the Saints, and even the commercials.

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