What if the BCS was in charge of the College Football Playoff?

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The debate over the College Football Playoff got red-hot over the weekend.

Alabama avoided controversy, but the state of Texas threatens to reach a boiling point with both TCU and Baylor getting left out.

Many question how the committee in charge of picking the playoff teams makes its decisions.

So we caught up with one of the BCS computer gurus to figure out what the old system would have to say about the playoff teams.

After all, a lot of college football fans who are less than thrilled to see Alabama make another title run find themselves bitter about how the rest of the playoff picture shaped up.

So like a jilted lover, it’s easy to wonder what you’re old system for picking a national champion is up to.

But BCS computer expert Wes Colley runs through a chart that closely estimates what the BCS would have concluded. You can find the chart here. Colley summarizes, “You can see, of course, we have these same four teams, and then of course the next two teams – TCU and Baylor.”

Sorry, haters.

Not to say the two have totally stayed in lock step.

Colley notes, “The committee has been much harsher to Florida State than the polls and the computers. The committee seemed to take in account style points, and certainly, that’s something the BCS tried not to do, if you remember.”

The BCS didn’t seem to care about all those little things like style.

Colley remembers when it changed, “At some point in 2002 or ’03, they said the computers couldn’t take into account the margin of victory, because teams were focusing so much on style points and teams were running up the score. Well it seems like we’re sort of back to the future with that. Style points matter. Certainly TCU and Ohio State were going for the style points over the past weekend, and apparently, it paid off.”

Bottom line — when unhappy, it’s natural to project what you think should happen onto someone or something else. But so far, your old system and agrees with your new system.

Maybe it’s your expectations that are the problem.

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