Westminster Christian football getting back in the swing of things


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Westminster Christian Wildcats are on their second week of summer workouts continuing prep for the upcoming season while also following all the new required guidelines to keep their players and staff safe.

For the Wildcats, these workouts are looking a lot more like practice than just strength and conditioning; they’re running through plays and getting some solid reps in.

WCA has a decent amount of space on their practice field making it easier to spread apart when they need to and a great majority of the team wears a mask for the entire workout.

Head coach Louis LeBlanc says he’s impressed with what he’s seen from his team so far and he’s thankful to have this time to really have a learning experience with his team, but most importantly he’s just happy to be on the field with his guys.

“I’ve seen a lot of good things. You can tell the guys have been working on their own, so they’ve come in a lot better shape than we probably anticipated,” LeBlanc said. “It’s awesome to see the hunger in their eyes to get back, so they’ve handled all the extra rules and restrictions and guidelines that we had to put on them they’ve handled their business they’ve done what they’re supposed to do and we’ve had no issues with that. We didn’t expect anything less from them that’s just what they’ve shown us in the past, they’ve handled their responsibility so I’m really excited just about the look in their eye to take all of this in stride and get better.”

Westminster Christian players say they’re thankful to be back with their teammates and ready to keep training for the upcoming season.

“It’s so good being out here finally get to do something after being stuck inside it’s really great,” said WCA senior safety Layne Baldwin. “It’s really great to see the whole team and get to be around everybody and grow as a team.”

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