GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Entering this season, none of the players on the Brindlee Mountain football team had ever won a game. The Lions had lost 43 straight games, the fifth longest losing streak in the state. But Friday signaled a new season and a fresh start, and the Lions took full advantage of that. A third quarter touchdown would seal things, giving Brindlee Mountain the 26-20 win over Cherokee, snapping that losing streak. For picking up their first win since 2017, the Lions are the Week Zero Tyler Mann Team of the Week.

“Safe to say I think they got that monkey off their back. We wanted to go into this thing just taking one game at a time, not wanting to think so much about the past and the failures, but just taking one window of opportunity and making the best of it, and fortunately, it happened. It’s kind of hard to put into words when you see them struggle and suffer, so it was sweet,” head coach Keith Garner said.

“It felt good, just to see him smile and be happy about it, knowing that we won. I think we were pumped because it was the first game, and we knew what we had to do. everybody was excited, best energy I’ve seen around the locker room in years,” junior quarterback Ian Garner added.

“It was our chance to make something happen and we made it happen. In middle school, we were able to break that streak and now we’ve played together since middle school so we’ve just been trying to break the high school streak and we finally did it,” junior guard Joey Cox said.

“These are the guys that were taking their licks as 9th graders playing and lining up and playing in ball games where they shouldn’t have been playing and to see them grow up and mature. The ability to overcome mistakes and bad things, that’s something we have not had. They definitely earned the win. It wasn’t by mistake, it wasn’t by the way the ball bounced, these kids went out and earned it,” Keith Garner added.

Brindlee Mountain will look to improve to 2-0 hosting Elkmont on Friday night in their home opener.