We want to see your past Iron Bowl pictures!

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The very first game of the fiercest rivalry in all of college football began in Birmingham in 1893: Auburn vs. Alabama aka the Iron Bowl

The first Iron Bowl game was played over 100 years ago, yet the teams have only played each other 81 times, making the 2017 Iron Bowl the 82nd game. During the period from 1907–1948, both teams took a hiatus from playing each other. The hiatus came to an end after the Alabama House of Representatives passed a resolution in 1948 that compelled the schools to resume the series.

The rivalry has long been one of the most heated collegiate rivalries in the country. Paired with this display of athletic rivalry is the unrivaled spirit of the fans of both teams.

We want to see your Iron Bowl pictures, past and present! Take us back to your first Aubie-themed onesie or your child’s first Alabama shaker.