Walt Harris gearing up for UFC Main Event on May 16th; Dedicates fight to late stepdaughter Aniah Blanchard

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Saturday, May 16th, Walt Harris will headline UFC’s Main Event squaring off with Alistair Overeem. The Birmingham native will step in the octagon for the first time since the tragic death of his stepdaughter Aniah Blanchard, dedicating this one to her.

Rocco DiSangro: After everything that you and your family have been through to be able to walk in and step in this octagon again. What does this mean right here this moment?

Walt Harris: It means everything to me. We’re still fighting for my daughter you know I’m physically going to be fighting Alistair Overeem but there’s still battles to be won on her behalf and she’s still in my heart every day. Every day I train, every breath I take I’m thinking about her so it’s going to be fun to get in there because she was my biggest fan so I know she’ll be right there with me watching and rooting me on so I can’t wait.

RD: You against Alistair Overeem I watched an interview with you you said you looked up to him before you even put on the gloves for you what does this mean to be able to fight someone like him who’s so well known in this sport?

WH: It means everything. It’s my opportunity to show the world I belong in the top five and I deserve a title shot. It’s also a chance to get to fight somebody who you modeled your career after. I mean he’s fought the best of the best so a win over him puts me in that conversation with some of the best of the best fighters in the world.

RD: You talk about having no fans and it’s so weird because you guys feed off the crowd big time. You throw a haymaker or like a hook and you’re hitting someone they go nuts. What do you think of this as? Obviously when you train there’s nobody around aside from your camp, but what can you compare this to if anything at all.

WH: Man I can’t compare it to anything I’ve done like this. It could be me and him and Dana White and that’s it and I’m still going to go in there 110% pumped up ready to go because I love what I do. I’m blessed to be in this position and like I said my daughter I’m fighting for her man so all of the other stuff doesn’t matter. It’s time to go to work.