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Pick a favorite game? Like picking a favorite child.

John Stallworth, the Huntsville businessman and civic leader, played in four Super Bowls en route to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

“They all have their own kind of piece to them that sticks with me,” he said in a recent interview with WHNT News 19. “The first because it was the first. The second one, I got a chance to start in that game but I didn’t have a great game. (Fellow receiver Lynn) Swann had a great game.

“In the last two, 13 and 14, were games when I thought I was a factor, a part of why we won.”

Indeed, Stallworth caught a pair of touchdown  passes against Dallas in Super Bowl XIII and had the game-winner against the Rams in Super Bowl XIV.

Four times in a six-year span, Stallworth and his Pittsburgh Steelers won Super Bowls.  It’s arguably the greatest stretch of excellence ever.

“We did it in a six-year time frame,” he said. “We did it with defense the first two years. The league changed the rules. They changed it to where we couldn’t play the kind of dominating defense that we played in those early years. We adjusted. We still won Super Bowls.

“So even though there was a big effort to take away what our strength was, our perceived strength, to maybe gear the game to more an offensive kind of game. We were able to change and we had the talent to change and we still remained on top.”

Nine of those Steelers, including Stallworth, are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, along with their coach, Chuck Noll. Perhaps the most high-profile is Terry Bradshaw, the quarterback-turned-broadcaster.

“Bradshaw in his loose moments, in his great moments, was the Bradshaw you see,” Stallworth said. “Bradshaw was a seat of the pants big play, go for all the gusto kind of quarterback.

“Today I believe, when you see him on commercials what he plays kind of devil may care kind of dumb quarterback kind of guy. He’s come to grips with that. He makes money being that. “