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Here’s your set-your-DVR reminder. This Saturday afternoon at 1 is the New Mexico Bowl. That’s Arizona vs. New Mexico in Albuquerque and it kicks off this bowl season.

Before the day is out, you’ll also have the chance to watch Brigham Young, Utah, Ohio, Appalachian State, Louisiana Tech, Arkansas State, Georgia State and San Jose State.  The last two are in the Cure Bowl in Orlando. Do we have a cure for all these bowl games? Georgia State is 6-6. San Jose State is 5-7.

See, there weren’t even enough six-win teams to fill spots in the 40 bowl games, so they added three five-win teams based on their academic progress rate.
So, to the question: Do we have too many bowl games?  Yes.

Then again, we have too many designer coffee shops, reality shows and commercials starring Peyton Manning.  This is America. Too much ain’t enough.

And we’ll watch ’em, won’t we? We’ll discover new teams, new players – and some of the most unappealing matchups will give us some of the most excitement. Invariably the early bowls are great.

I’m all for bowl games. I’ve loved going to bowl games, probably two dozen or more. I’ve got more bowl game SWAG than anybody you know, from the Cotton Bowl windbreaker to the Peach Bowl computer bag to the Citrus Bowl watch.

And I’m all for rewarding players and teams for good seasons, for giving their fan bases a fun trip for celebration. Even better when it’s programs not accustomed to postseason play. How cool for Western Michigan and Middle Tennessee, headed to the Bahamas Bowl.

But I’m having trouble considering bowl games in Detroit, Birmingham, Charlotte, Montgomery, Boise and Birmingham as great rewards.  The latter, of course, is Auburn’s destination, to face a pretty good Memphis team.

The sentiment about the Birmingham Bowl was summed up perfectly in these immortal words from Charles Barkley: ‘If you can drive to your bowl game from your house,’ Barkley said, ‘it’s not a good thing.”