UNA’s Anna Katherine Griggs looking to capitalize off of stellar freshman campaign

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala – Anna Katherine Griggs shined on the volleyball court at Arab, leading the Knights to a trio of state tournament appearances. Now at UNA, the 6-foot-2 middle blocker looks to carry some of that success with her entering her second season with the Lions.

Rocco DiSangro: Big time freshman year out of you ASUN Freshman of the week, you got one of them. Being from Arab and coming to UNA did you ever imagine that this was all possible. 

Anna Katherine Griggs: I did not. It was extremely shocking just going from such a small town to a bigger school and everything but everybody has been so accepting and even though it is a bigger school than where I’m from and a bigger city than where I’m from it definitely has small town feel about it and everybody has been really friendly so it’s been great.

RD: Playing your high school ball at Arab. Winning Class 5A Player of the year, how did that program, a program with such rich history on the volleyball end set you up for success going into the college level.

AKG: I had a lot of really good coaches and I think they really pushed me to be where I needed to be going into the college level and it prepared me to have that level of discipline and everything because they expected a lot out of me.

RD: You’re trying to get ready for a season as well, how has this all affected what you’re doing?

AKG: So it affected us a lot because it did kind of put a dent in our spring training season that we get. That’s one of the primary times that we use to get better as a team and really work hard without having to really focus on game play and everything so that was difficult but I think this has given us a time to like shut everything out and even though the coaches aren’t watching or anything like it gives us the time to be disciplined and really I don’t know we have a lot of time on our hands to get better. So I think if we’re all disciplined and we work hard it will be a really good moment to like grow.

RD: Big sophomore campaign ahead for you. What is something that you might not have accomplished in your freshman year you’re only one year in that you hope to accomplish in year two?

AKG: Yeah I definitely would like to see us make it to the conference tournament I think that’s really a big deal, and personally I’d just like to see myself become more vocal. I think as a freshman sometimes the intensity of everything will kind of come down on you so I’d like to get more vocal and become a better leader I guess on the team.