UA’s SGA Threatens To Ban Block Seating After Mass Exodus During Games

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (CNN) - Use the seats for the whole game or lose them - that's the message the University of Alabama's Student Government Association is sending to student groups that have enjoyed block seating for years.

Last week, SGA President Jimmy Taylor sent an email to student organizations as a reminder that groups must stay for all four quarters of the game. Taylor says the groups have signed an agreement they would stay till the end.

This past Saturday, October 19, there was a mass exodus of students from the block seating section.

Taylor said the SGA has threatened to take away block seating in the past due to this problem, but never did.

"That will not be the case this year," Taylor said in an email to those groups.

Some students say the groups are leaving because, well, many of the home games haven't been close.

"Sometimes people might get bored, because you beat them by so much.. so they might be thinking 'oh, we're winning by 30.. there's no point in staying to watch us win by like 50 more," said Kate Sarano, a student.

"I believe if block seating was taken away, more students that don't have the opportunity to be in fraternities or organizations... they'd be able to stay and enjoy the game a lot more than they would having to sit up a row and not having very close seats," said Taylor Crow, another student.