UAH’s Shannon Kruse explains decision to come back for additional season


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Shannon Kruse is one of nine seniors on the UAH women’s lacrosse roster this season, and she’s also one of the seniors who has decided to come back and play another year for the Chargers.

Shannon Kruse “I mean I was devastated because it’s your last season, because I was a senior you know this is your big hurrah and we were hoping to win another championship I mean back to back would have been amazing. We’re all very sad so we’re like when’s the next time we’re all going to be together when’s the last time we’re all going to see each other because a lot of us had already had plans to go off to grad school somewhere else or go off and start a new job so it’s like when do we see each other again so it was kind of it was really sad. We had one last team dinner like one last hurrah, and it was kind of, you know, bittersweet, but it is what it is.”

Olivia Whitmire “Fast forward to when y’all found out that DII athletes were going to get that extra year of eligibility walk me through the thought process that you had that day.”

Shannon Kruse “Well, it’s just trying to figure out what I’m gonna do I mean I was obviously super excited because again having your senior season cut short is always hard on everyone I’m sure everyone you know can relate and being able to have that opportunity again to come back and be with my teammates again, be with my coach, be at the school it’s an amazing opportunity I’m very excited to have.

Olivia Whitmire “How long did it take you to make that decision to come back for another year?”

Shannon Kruse “Oh, only a couple days. I mean, like I said I absolutely love lacrosse, I love this team, coach is amazing, the school is really awesome and I’ve really enjoyed my time here. I’m excited to be able to come back, finish up grad school and everything and just go on with it hopefully win another championship.”

Olivia Whitmire “What is the mindset gonna be like for next year knowing that you have some unfinished business to take care of?”

Shannon Kruse “It’s just gonna be kind of how we have been. Keep working hard, keep going at it, work together as a team, obviously, and help all the freshmen that we have coming in and me and we have three other seniors that are coming back, which is really exciting. Just being able to form that bond again and just get right back to it and show everyone that we can win a back to back championship, even if there’s a gap year.”

Olivia Whitmire “Looking ahead to next season what’s gonna be the thought process for the senior class you get one more year that you didn’t necessarily expect to get what is going to be the thought process with you guys as seniors?”

Shannon Kruse “You know, just not let it go to waste. Because this kind of whole situation has made you realize that every moment isn’t guaranteed. We thought we had the rest of our season, thought we’d have a senior night and sadly we didn’t get to have any of those, but this is another opportunity to come back, play with our friends and teammates and just be able to play the sport we love one more time.”

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