UAH Tennis looks for one final push in fundraising effort


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – One UAH Athletic program has been saved from budget cuts due to COVID-19, now another one needs your help. Time is running out for the men’s and women’s tennis teams who hope to raise $150K by close of business on Friday, June 5, and they’re hoping for one final push.

Rocco DiSangro: This GoFundMe has taken off since the last time I talked to you it’s raised 20 thousand more dollars but how do you both help this thing get to the end goal of 150 K before June 5th?

Presley Thomas: I think we’re just doing our best to try to share it on our social media pages and tell our friends and our family and it’s really spreading fast through the Huntsville community like last night through our fundraiser just spreading the word and letting people know what’s going on has helped us a lot.

Sarah Stearman: Yeah I think when people know the message and they’re more inclined to donate. Even if it’s 5 dollars here or there it means a lot if you get a lot of people to donate I think we could really get some more money. 

RD: The last time we spoke it was really only ACA was the big name that got this out there. Since that interview has there been any other tennis clubs in the area or in the Tennessee Valley that have reached out?

PT: Athletic Club Alabama has helped a lot. Also alumni have really stepped in and helped us and you know our team the majority of them are overseas so people really enjoy tennis and just like as a community together we’ve all donated and helped out.

SS: Yeah all the people who are international they have their own tennis clubs back home who are helping out so its really cool to have donations coming in from all over the world.

PT: I think the biggest part right now like you said is we have a short amount of time but every donation is appreciated like a little bit can go a long way so I think we just want to get that message out there.

SS: Yeah we have the t shirt sales and I think almost everyone would like them. They have a really nice style and they’re going to be really helpful. We’re still running a raffle for a three month membership to a yoga studio a professional photo session and for honest coffee gift cards so if you’re interested in that just reach out to any tennis player, our coach on Facebook and also the gofundme. If anyone has any questions they can reach out to anyone from the tennis team. They’d be more than happy to speak.

You can donate to the UAH Men’s and Women’s Tennis GoFundMe here:

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