UAH student-athletes try and find new normal after season cancellation

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - If we were in the normal sports world right now, the UAH baseball and softball teams would be in the middle of their seasons but that's not the case; due to the growing spread and concern of COVID-19, teams all over the country are watching their seasons get put on pause or canceled altogether.

"It's so weird because this is our busiest time of the year and you wake up your mind says, 'Okay, what are we gonna do today?' and then you don't have to do anything like there's nothing to do," said UAH baseball junior Will Acuff. "I don't know what to do anymore. It's just, it's such a weird situation I don't think anyone really knows how to handle it right now."

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Before the Gulf South Conference canceled athletic activities, the Chargers were on fire; the baseball team was 16-5 on the season and they were riding a 10 game win streak, but now the Chargers won't get to see what could've been of this season.

"When we found out it was over that was such a rough locker room and not just the seniors were upset, everybody's upset because you can give guys eligibility back but it's still not gonna be the same next year," Acuff said. "We were so close, we're so tight that I think when we finally come back, we're really excited. Everyone's going to kind of be itching to get back out there because I feel like we're probably thinking like every other college baseball team; there's unfinished business."

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The UAH softball team was also on track to have a great season; the Lady Chargers were nationally ranked and only had two conference losses so far, but the season ended a little earlier than expected.

"It was super hard knowing that for a lot of our seniors I'm never gonna get to play with them and normally you play your last game together and you know it's your last game together and it's hard just doing that but when you can't even take in that it's your last game you're playing with them it's super emotional," said UAH softball junior Shelby Booker. "This is supposed to be the busiest time of our season and so it's just really strange only having to do schoolwork. Even though the workload is still a lot it feels like I have nothing to do at all."

Both Acuff and Booker say that when they get to play for UAH again they know it'll be an exciting feeling and they know that their teams will always be grateful to get to play the game that they love.

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