UAH softball’s Lila Young using sudden end to the season as motivation going forward


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – UAH freshman softball player Lila Young was just getting into the swings playing college softball before COVID-19 showed up and ruined her first season playing for the Chargers.

Young says even though this experience has been a difficult one she’s learned how to appreciate the game more and will take this and use it as motivation for the rest of her career.

Olivia Whitmire “We didn’t really know the next steps from there but the day that the season was canceled walk me through the initial emotions that you felt that day.”

Lila Young “I remember that day like it was yesterday. Coach called to have dinner at her house and as soon as you walked in her house it was depressing like the emotion on coaches face and the way she was telling us just everyone just kind of broke down. Hearing the seniors talk, especially to me to know that I’ll never have time with them was heartbreaking. That was their last game and no one even knew it and it didn’t even feel real honestly.”

Olivia Whitmire “This was your first year playing college softball so to have this interrupt everything like that, you know, just kind of what was the season looking like for you before all of this happened?”

Lila Young “I know at the beginning of the season I was nervous I mean everyone’s nervous their freshman year. Things were going very well for us as the season progressed we were really building something great. The chemistry on our team was amazing like I can look at all 24 of those girls and be like you know I can count on them and it was just like a big family. For our season to get dropped just like that just cancelled it just didn’t feel real. It was horrible because as a freshman you’re trying to get like acclimated and everything get used to everything and like get a new whole routine going like a new lifestyle and for it to just stop it was just like well what do I do now like I don’t know what to do now.”

Olivia Whitmire “What are you going to take from this experience moving forward as you continue to play for UAH these next few years?”

Lila Young “I remember our last game this season like it was yesterday, I mean we were playing Bob Jones. From now on these next three or four years however long I play for just to know that every game could be my last game. You never know what’s gonna happen you could get hurt or something like this could happen out of the usual. Just to know to play every game to its fullest and never know when your last one’s gonna be.”

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