UAH men’s lacrosse player returns home to work as EMT


UAH junior lacrosse player Josh Hardin and his team were disappointed to see their season come to an end due to COVID-19. Not being able to play the sport they love is certainly difficult for the Chargers, but they’re getting through it. Hardin decided to spend this time helping his hometown.

“I’m from Wisconsin so I moved back up to Wisconsin. I’m working as an EMT in the city of Milwaukee and then my local fire department. I was doing online classes, that’s finished up, so now just getting ready for my future, getting ready for PA school application stuff and all that,” Hardin said.

Hardin added, “I do that every summer and every winter I come back here. I’ve always done that. I started it after my first year at school. I got my EMT license then right in my local fire department and then out into Milwaukee.”

We asked Hardin what it’s like doing both jobs during the pandemic.

“Well, interestingly, it’s a lot slower,” Hardin said. “So we have a lot less call volume because people don’t want to go into the hospital. It is, I mean, all the hospital procedures are totally different. Wearing a mask all the time is completely weird. It is a lot different, but it’s also a lot of fun. The doctors and nurses are doing awesome stuff and they’re in it. I mean, they’re with those people all the time where we might have 30 minutes.”

Hardin said he’s been able to stay away from the virus so far.

“I’ve had a couple people that claim they have symptoms, but I haven’t gotten a call from the hospital or anything that says this person has had it,” Hardin said.

He added he didn’t have second thoughts about working during the pandemic.

“I was down to do it all. I didn’t really take a second guess at it. I wanted to get back out there and help,” Hardin said. “I thought the call volume was gonna be a lot more increased, so I thought we were gonna have calls on calls, but it actually went down a lot. So that was interesting to see how people kind of reacted to it and what people thought might be emergencies were not emergencies anymore.”

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