HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — The UAH men’s and women’s basketball teams spent part of Sunday volunteering with Sleep in Heavenly Peace, an organization dedicated to building and delivering beds to those in need.

The goal Sunday was to make 25 beds for kids in the Huntsville area.

“We’re sanding, drilling and just doing different things to help make beds. We get to play basketball for a living and some people don’t know where they’re going to sleep at night. So it’s really a blessing that we get to give back,” UAH men’s basketball senior guard CJ Williamson said.

Junior Guard Alaina Taylor said it was satisfying to see the final product that everyone made working together.

“It’s such a cool process and it’s nice to see the final product of everyone working together and how much can get done with so many people working on it,” Taylor said.

UAH Men’s Basketball Head Coach John Shulman said he was glad to have the opportunity to help children in the community.

“I’m up for anything, anything to help the kids get an education. Hopefully, 25 kids will have a bed that most of us take for granted that now our kids understand that it shouldn’t be,” he said.

The event took place just 24 hours after both squads hosted West Alabama. But it was still an opportunity they were all excited for, showing that they are bigger than what they can do on the court every day.

“We work really hard and some of us put our identity in basketball, but that’s not our identity. Our identity is in our faith and helping other people,” Williamson said.

“We have special students, there’s so much that’s asked of student-athletes in the classroom and the weight room and how they care for themselves and represent the university, but for them to be fired up for an opportunity like this, nobody tried to get out of it,” Woman’s Head Coach Andrea Lemmond said. “They’ve all got things they need to prepare for but there was no pushback, everyone wanted to be here,”

Shulman said it was good to see the team giving back.

“What a great time to see these kids giving back to the community, getting out of their own way to do something for other people,” he said. “We’re helping kids that don’t have a bed sleep in a bed and that’s way more important than scoring a few more points against West Al. College athletes spend a lot of time worrying about college athletes and themselves. Today is a day to worry about other people and to think about other people. And for that it is worth every second we are out here.”

To learn more about Sleep in Heavenly Peace, head to their website.