Two East Limestone student-athletes share a bond that goes deeper than sports

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Corey Crouch is a senior baseball player for East Limestone, while Olivia Crouch is a senior on the Indians’ softball team. The two cousins sad to see their season end, but the bond they share will go on forever.

Olivia Crouch: We’ve just talked about how like it’s just sad and how we’ve worked together this whole time these past years and it’s ended just like that in a blink of an eye.

Corey Crouch: We’ve been playing together since we were four years old. Growing up together we were always together she’s like my sister. Through the years we’ve always been there for each other whether it’s sports or family stuff or anything like that. We can use each other to better our abilities. 

Rocco DiSangro: What has it been like playing baseball and softball side by side being practically the same age and going on to be seniors and finishing your careers at the same time. 

CC: It’s fun getting out of practice one day and going over to the softball field and watching her play and sitting with my family and stuff. I’m sure it is for her too. It’s just been great. East Limestone has done good to us our families have done good to us and it’s just been a really good time. 

RD: Define to me what it means to be an East Limestone Indian a lot of athletes and students and just people in general have come out of that school. 

CC: Whether it’s football, baseball, softball or basketball or anything we work hard at East Limestone.

OC: It’s just everybody is loving there, everybody has your back, it’s just all good attitudes and everybody’s just good everybody is a good person.

CC: It’s crazy that it’s over it’s weird that we’re pretty much done with high school now 

OC: My team was my best friends they were my best friends and they still are I mean we talk every single day and I love them with all my heart.

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