Week eight brings some major plays from football players across the Tennessee Valley

Top Plays of the Week
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Playoff spots and region titles were on the line Friday night. We’re not talking about week two anymore and these guys aren’t playing like it either.

Let’s take a look at week eight’s top five plays.

Play number five comes from James Clemens vs Sparkman. The blue and white picked up right where they left off after halftime. Dylan Blackburn finds some daylight, and nobody can catch him. He rumbles over 50 yards to put the Jets up 28-3. A huge play that helped lead the Jets to their win over Sparkman, ending the Senators undefeated season.

Play number four goes to Waterloo vs Mars Hill. The Panthers trying to stay undefeated, and they’d do so with plays like this. Quarterback Griffin Hanson drops back and sends a moonshot to Hunter Kilpatrick who makes the wide-open catch. He’s brought down around the 10-yard line, but this would lead to a Panthers score.

Play number three comes from Muscle Shoals hosting Athens. Golden Eagles on offense and Jordan Scott decides to take matters into his own hands. He fakes the handoff, cuts to the right, and then he’s gone — too much speed for the defense.

Up next with play number two is North Sand Mountain vs Fyffe. With the win, the Red Devils could clinch their fourth straight region title. Here they are on offense, Zach Pyron on play-action, looking deep and look at the grown man catch by Brody Dalton. That’ll go for six. Pyron just lets this one fly downfield and Dalton makes the catch in double coverage with no problems.

Our top play of the week goes to Colbert Heights vs Clements. Wildcats looking to score. Andrew Tedford back to pass and throws into double coverage. The pass is tipped, and Gage Pugh says look what I found, and it’s smooth sailing for him. Pugh takes it all the way to the house. A huge play in a crazy back and forth game.

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