Round two of playoffs has local players showing off their skills

Top Plays of the Week
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Our local players showed off some major skills during round two of the playoffs.

Here’s a look at our top plays from week two of the playoffs.

Play number five comes from James Clemens hosting Hoover. Bucs on offense, looking to run, but Kimardre Edwards ruins his plans. He has casts on both of his hands and punches the ball out. Chris Cooke recovers the ball. A big time turnover for the Jets. They would take advantage of it and end the drive with a field goal.

Play four is courtesty of the defending 2A State Champs, the Fyffe Red Devils. We’ve said his name before and I’m sure we’ll say it again… Ike Rowell, an absolute playmaker for Fyffe. Now, this is just one of his touchdowns from Friday night. He takes the handoff, runs up the middle, hits number 1 with a spin move, and he’s gone.

Play number three comes from Mars Hill hosting South Lamar. The Panthers certainly hoping to make it to round three of the playoffs. South Lamar punting, but Trystan Tapia gets a full hand on it. He completely blocks it, and the ball goes all the way back to the 10-yard line. Tapia breaks right through to knock this punt down to put his offense in perfect scoring position.

Play two is from the JPII Falcons. Jacksonville looking to the endzone, but that’s where Sean Zerkle comes in. Zerkle with the one-handed pick. We’ve seen him make big-time plays on offense. This time Zerkle saves a touchdown on the defensive end.

Our top play this week comes from Deshler. It’s Oneonta’s ball to start things off. David Hall hands it off to James McGill who intends to pass to William Robertson, but it’s intercepted by Tegan Graves who runs it 90 yards down the field. We don’t see house calls for the defense every day, but Graves grabbed that ball and was endzone bound.

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