Titans Keys to the Game for Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Titan's Keys
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The Tennessee Titans are coming off a close win over the Chargers, and now they’re hoping to take down the Bucs. Mike Keith gives us this week’s Titans Keys to the Game.

“The Titans secondary will be on high alert this Sunday against the Bucs. Mike Evans and Chris Godwin give Tampa Bay what is arguably the most dynamic pair of receivers in the league. They’re gonna catch some balls, yes, but you cannot give them big plays. For Misters Bayard, Butler, Ryan and Vaccaro they must be ready to go on Sunday. Key number 2? Keep running. Derrick Henry had 22 carries for 90 yards against the Chargers. Those runs were hard but the Titans stayed with the run game and it gave them needed balance to help Ryan Tannehill. More of the same is needed on Sunday at Nissan Stadium. Finally, make things happen early again. The crowd got with it on Sunday and it helped the Titans immensely at game’s end. A good start means the Nissan Stadium crowd will be activated from the jump and they’ll be a key in helping the Titans get to 4-4.”

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