Titans Keys to the Game for Houston Texans

Titan's Keys

The Tennessee Titans are gearing up to host the Houston Texans. A win in this would make the titans first in the AFC South.

Mike Keith gives us the Titans Keys to the Game for this matchup.

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"We haven't seen the Houston Texans yet but one thing that has not changed - DeShawn Watson and DeAndre Hopkins are one of the best passing combos in the NFL. Hopkins has six career games with more than 100 yards against the Titans. You aren't going to stop these guys, but you can at least hope to slow them down. That's key number one. The Titans secondary must be outstanding, and the linebackers also have to do a great job in coverage. Key number two, be explosive on offense and on special teams. That's Derrick Henry, that's AJ Brown, that's Corey Davis, that's Khalif Raman, you get the picture. The Titans need big explosive plays when they have their hands on the football. And finally, be ready for a rock 'em, sock'em game. It's for first place in the AFC South, Houston may jump out fast, or the Titans may get a lead the Texans can answer in a hurry. In other words, this one may feel like a playoff game from the very start. The Titans must stand up when things are going well and be ready to punch back when they get punched. Sunday's game will be a 60-minute affair, no doubt."

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