Titans Keys to the Game for Baltimore Ravens

Titan's Keys
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A week after beating the defending Super Bowl champs, the Tennessee Titans will take the field again.

Saturday night at 7:15 they will face the hottest team in the NFL in the divisional round of the playoffs.

Mike Keith gives us the keys to the game against Baltimore.

“If I list score points as key number one, you will rightly say, ‘Thank you, Captain Obvious.’ Okay, so let me get more specific. Baltimore is averaging 33 points per game so the Titans offense must be prepared to match the ravens score for score. Along those lines, it’s also vitally important that the Titans keep scoring touchdowns in the red zone. That ended up being the difference in New England last weekend and it could be in Baltimore as well. Key number two: slowdown Baltimore’s big play potential. Make them drive the ball. Force their offense to be patient. Defensively for the Tians, be in position to make the tackle and force field goal attempts. Bend but don’t break defense is normally not considered a positive term but it would work just fine against the ravens. Finally, get the game into the fourth quarter. Baltimore is 14-2 and the Ravens haven’t lost since September. They actually haven’t played a lot of close games and they’re also a pretty young football team. If the game is tight deep into the contest, it could be advantage Titans as Tennessee features a lot of important players who’ve played a lot of football in the National Football League.”

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