PHOENIX (AP) — It’s difficult enough to feed two regular-sized teenage boys, much less a pair such as Travis and Jason Kelce.

One dedicated momma made it happen. Donna Kelce said on Thursday before the “NFL Honors” show that she did her best to keep up with her two sons’ voracious appetites, but it was easier said than done.

“The refrigerator was always packed, but it didn’t last more than a day or so,” she said. “Whole chickens, they would eat lots of pork, ribs. I’d have leftovers in the refrigerator and it never lasted past the day.

“When they left for college, I got a raise.”

All that eating eventually paid off. Travis is now a star tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs while Jason is the longtime starting center for the Philadelphia Eagles. The brother-on-brother matchup in Super Bowl 57 on Sunday in Glendale, Arizona, is the first in the championship game’s history.

Donna and her husband, Ed, have mostly kept private over the years, but she’s become a minor celebrity as she crisscrosses the country to watch her boys — often in a jersey with Travis’ front stitched to Jason’s back.

More than 150,000 fans signed a petition for the NFL to have her do the Super Bowl coin toss, but she said in a social media post that the NFL already had someone in place.

She looked at ease on the red carpet on Thursday night, chatting with anyone who wanted to talk about her remarkable family.

“I just go where I’m told,” Kelce said, grinning.