Stars Need to Win the Series, Or Friday Will Be the Last Home Game in History

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Huntsville, Ala. – (WHNT) Unless the Stars win their opening round series with the Lookouts, this is the last weekend of baseball at Joe Davis Stadium. Huntsville is hosting games one and two before the action shifts to Chattanooga. The team is moving to Biloxi for the 2015 season which will end it’s 29 year run in the rocket city. The season hangs in the balance which adds some pressure, but the pressure of giving Huntsville more baseball is something players are not worried about.

“I think the urgency is that we want to play more, that there’s something on the line the end goal of winning a championship is more important for us at least than having them see more games,” outfielder Josh prince said Wednesday.  “Yeah we want to play for them but it’s more or less we want the ring, we want the championship.”

A championship would mean more baseball for Stars fans and a fitting end to the teams tenure in Huntsville. Thursday’s first pitch is at 6:30 p.m.