Jared Goff isn’t known as the most fleet-of-foot quarterback in the NFL, so the Lions signal-caller finding the end zone with his legs was cause for celebration last Sunday. Unfortunately, Goff’s attempt at celebrating his three-yard scamper against the Falcons didn’t quite go according to plan, creating a hilarious video shared by NFL Films this week.

After Goff found the end zone, he ran over to celebrate with Lions fans in the first row behind the end zone. But his jump up into the stands came up short, so he had to jump a second time… and even then didn’t quite get into the stands.

Here’s the hilarious video:

The NFL Films cameras caught Goff yelling “my jump was horrible” as he wraps up the celebration. Then, he’s seen sitting with backup quarterback Teddy Bridgewater on the bench commiserating over the failed celebration. The duo watch Goff’s celebration on a jumbotron, with Goff only able to offer a sheepish “I tried!” when razzed by Bridgewater and Lions staffers.

The Lions will be happy with Goff as long as he keeps finding the end zone, even if his celebrations do need some work. Maybe it’s best he avoids jumping next time.