The Tennessee Titans took a 20-point loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 11 and look outclassed on every level from the play on the field to the coaching. That may seem like a harsh evaluation, but apparently it is one the head coach of the Titans shares.

Mike Vrabel spoke with media on Monday after another embarrassing road loss and as this team has dropped to 3-7, it is clear he understands how this group stacks up.

"I mean Jacksonville is better. They're a better football team. They're better coached and they're a better team right now," Vrabel admitted. "None of us would be able to do anything after that game yesterday and I know that we're going to come back to work tomorrow and have a plan, see who is available and get to work."

This may be an honest assessment from the Titans leading man, but it can't be something ownership likes to hear. Outright admitting the team you played is better coached than your own is an interesting way to try and retain your position.

Now, Vrabel may not be on the hot seat like some think he should be, but if he is, then this week will be critical to his future. The Titans take on the 1-9 Carolina Panthers. While the Titans may not be a good team, they certainly have more talent on the roster than the Panthers.

Also, the Panthers are led by head coach Frank Reich, who could be in danger of losing his job as well. Vrabel won six of his last seven matchups with Reich when he was the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. The Titans are also at home where they have won all three of the games they have played there.

With all of those factors coming together, this has to be a win for the Titans or ownership may have no choice, but to cut ties. While the Titans are clearly not a good team, as Vrabel seemed to admit, there are still signs of improvement expected and the Titans seem to continue to be getting worse. 

If Carolina is another example, we could see ownership make a big mid-season move for a second year in a row.

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