Packers quarterback Jordan Love had a moment to forget during the team’s Week 2 loss against the Falcons.

While attempting to pick up short yardage with a QB sneak, Love seemed to be bracing his legs for the run up the middle but didn’t receive the ball. He then lost his balance, causing him to slowly fall forward into the offensive line.

The Packers were assessed a five-yard penalty on the play, which ended their hopes of converting on fourth down. 

The incident occurred during a key moment in the fourth quarter, at which point Green Bay was leading, 24-22. The Packers would go on to lose the game, 25-24. 

After the loss, Love took ownership for his costly blunder, indicating he didn’t give the correct cadence, which caused confusion on the offense.

“I just messed up the operation with the cadence on that one. Not everybody got the call to get the sneak,” said Love, via Mike Spofford of “I said the wrong thing. It’s pretty much not a play until I give the live word. I just messed it up.”

Green Bay was forced to punt following Love’s late slip-up, and Atlanta scored its go-ahead field goal on the subsequent possession.