LSU forward Angel Reese’s name is becoming more famous by the day after the christened “Bayou Barbie” led her team to its first Final Four berth since 2008 on Sunday. Unfortunately for her mother, having the same name as her daughter has caused a bit of a mistaken identity when it comes to social media. 

The LSU star’s mother took to Twitter on Monday to tell the men who are reaching out to her via direct messages to stop. Apparently, Reese has quite a few admirers online but they aren’t carefully checking which Angel Reese they’re messaging. 

“FYI…I am Angel Reese the mom not the LSUwbb player please be mindful when you tag and/or send me DM’s that your intent is to me not my daughter,” she said in the tweet. “I’m getting some crazy dating request from men my kids age who clearly by the content of msg think they’re sending it to Lil A.”

Reese appeared to find the mixup hilarious and quote-tweeted her mom’s message with, “not y’all sliding in my momma dms.” Reese has gotten more and more attention as the Tigers continue their run with her as their unquestioned star.

The first-team All-American finished this season averaging 23.2 points and 15.7 rebounds this past season and just tallied 13 points and 18 boards in her team’s Elite Eight win over Miami. Reese and LSU have a date with Virginia Tech on Friday in the Final Four at 7 p.m. ET for a chance to compete for a national championship.