Senior Madison Daniel plans to play another season with UNA Softball

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This season was supposed to be it for former Wilson Softball player Madison Daniel. Now an outfielder on the UNA Softball team, the senior won’t be hanging up her cleats and helmet just yet.

Rocco DiSangro: When you first heard the news that your senior season would be cut short, you wouldn’t be playing any more softball. What was your initial thought?

Madison Daniel: My initial thought was I was actually still at practice so I had stayed a little extra and when they were telling me almost was like it was like a dream. Me and my dad have this connection so I knew if I called him or talked to him on the phone and I heard his voice I would be able to tell if it’s real. When I called him I could just hear it in his voice and I was like this is actually happening.

RD: What would your plan be going forward. If you were offered the opportunity to come back you do have that extra year of eligibility now, would you take it?

MD: Cozart did offer me an extra year and I am happy to say you will see me on the field. I am coming back. It wasn’t an easy decision and you are right there are a lot of factors that go into me making that decision it took me a lot me a lot of time. I’m really excited to say I am coming back and I have made the decision and it’s really going through my career it will give me a backup plan it will give me a lot options and opportunities so I’m excited for it. 

RD: How did that feel just hearing that news and being able to know that ok I have something lined up now this is not the end of the road for me.

MD: Last year I broke my arm so I was gone for half of that season. When I heard that they were going to possibly give Spring athletes an extra year I was extremely excited because I was like maybe this was God’s plan to give me my year back and so that’s really what stuck to me if they were going to give this extra year I was really excited about it because I still have a lot to I feel like go with softball so I was really excited to hear they were going to to that.