Flair, swagger center stage at SEC Media Days day 2

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Coach Steve Spurrier walks to the TV interview room at SEC Media Days 2015

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HOOVER, Ala. – The mics are cooling down here in Hoover as day number two is wrapping up at SEC Media Days.

Seven schools up, seven schools down. South Carolina, Texas A&M, Mississippi State, and Tennessee all in the house Tuesday.

And the agenda started bright and early with the Ol’ Ball Coach. Steve Spurrier, showed up with his usual flair. Believe it or not, Spurrier, now 70 years old, reminded us all that age is just a number.

“There is people running for president within a year of me, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Someone told me the other day I’m the youngest coach in the SEC to win four straight bowl games. A lot of people didn’t know that, but yeah I’m the youngest to do that,” Spurrier told the media.

Easy to be the youngest when you’re the *only* SEC coach to win four straight bowls.

Texas A&M was next, and that means Kevin Sumlin. Two years ago, he came here dealing with the Johnny Manziel fiasco. Last July he filibustered reporters in the TV room.

Now he’s talking about renovations to Kyle Field and a favorable schedule with Alabama and Auburn coming to College Station. But there’s always a catch.

Sumlin said, “It’s every other year. So as good as this year is, the way our schedule sets up last year we played Auburn, Alabama, South Carolina and Mississippi State all on the road. We went eight straight weeks without a bye week and I think that showed up.”

Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen's Yeezys
Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen’s Yeezys

And why are we showing you Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen’s shoes? According to his players, he has the most “swag” in college football, because the new Yeezys are the fashion statement of the day. We’re not sure if Mullen knows much about Kanye West, but he’s all over the shoe game.

“I spend my entire life on a college campus around 18 to 22 year olds, so as a coach, you assume I’m a couple of years older than those kids. It seems to be getting a whole lot more older, but you do try and hold on to your youth a lot, coaching and being on a college campus keeps you youthful at all times. So me wearing swaged out shoes, I think that’s kind of fun,” Mullen said.

When Tennessee head coach Butch Jones took the stage, he said he wanted this hype when he took the job, now he’s embracing it. For the first time in a while. people are looking at Tennessee as a potential favorite to win the East.

“I think it’s a respect factor, try see what’s being built at Tennessee. Not only are we building, but we are building a program. We are building it for sustained success. In order to have sustained success you have to have victory, triumphs and suffer adversities. That’s when you learn the most about yourself, when you go through the adversity part of life. This football team has learned that,” Jones said.

They’ve also learned who the starting quarterback will be week one. Josh Dobbs started eight games last season. He’s just a sophomore, but the man has ice water in his veins.

Dobbs said, “I put enough pressure on myself. I’m very competitive and I’m very hard on myself. I have enough of that to worry about instead of outside pressure. My goal is to be the best QB I can be every time I step on the field. We wanna be the best we can be and out ourselves in the best position to succeed.”

That sets the stage for Nick Saban and Alabama on Wednesday.

Reggie Ragland, Kenyan Drake and Ryan Kelly representing the tide. Also Kentucky, Missouri, and Arkansas will be here. Coverage of everything coming on Wednesday.

We also talked to Steve Shaw this morning about some new rule changes going into effect. You can read more about those changes by clicking here.

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