SEC releases Auburn’s 2020 Soccer, Volleyball schedules


AUBURN, Ala. – The Southeastern Conference announced the 2020 fall soccer schedule and the fall volleyball schedule.

Each soccer team will only be playing eight conference-only matches while the Auburn volleyball team will play four teams this season, playing each team twice on back-to-back days.

The Fall Soccer Schedule –

  • Game 1 (Sept. 18): Mississippi State at Auburn
  • Game 2 (Sept. 27): Auburn at Texas A&M
  • Game 3 (Oct. 3): Auburn at LSU
  • Game 4 (Oct. 11): Ole Miss at Auburn
  • Game 5 (Oct. 18): Auburn at Georgia
  • Game 6 (Oct. 24): Kentucky at Auburn
  • Game 7 (Oct. 30): Auburn at Arkansas
  • Game 8 (Nov. 8): Alabama at Auburn

Auburn’s first volleyball match will be at home against Florida on Oct. 21st. Following the season opener on Oct. 21, the Gators and Tigers will hold game two of the series on Oct. 22. You can see the full schedule here.

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