Randolph Football’s Nic Strong doing whatever it takes to stay in shape during COVID-19 pandemic


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Randolph running back Nic Strong has lived up to his last name on the football field, embodying what it means to be a Raider. The freshman phenom still has a long football career ahead, and he’s doing whatever he can to stay in shape during this time.

Rocco DiSangro: I see these workouts on Twitter. You’re jumping over chairs, you’re catching imaginary footballs in your back yard. What goes into that and what made you want to do that?

Nic Strong: It’s all about the mental reps you go through you know the mental side and when you like get in the game it’ll all come natural so like the imaginary football you know whipping the head back around, jumping over chairs you know practicing for track you know hurdling. You know just trying to stay active as much as I can is all that is.

RD: What have you found to be the toughest part about not being able to be out there with your team for spring football right now?

NS: I would have to say like the weight room part of it you know because not all of us have weight room equipment so I don’t know if we can all get strong at the same time. Like people may be ahead of other players rather than us all being the same and growing up at the same time if that makes sense.

RD: What have the messages been like from your coaches? What are some of the workouts they’ve been sending you? Did they come up with the chair workouts or is that something you thought of yourself?

NS: That was all me. I was just bored and was like jump over a chair. Coach Killen and Coach Gunt the weight room coach. We have team building that they just assign us different workouts each day like with different little home workouts and coach Killen is telling us to keep pushing hoping that we’ll be back in the summer time or even by fall you know just keep giving us motivation for the season.

RD: As far as conversations you’ve had with your teammates and coaches, what are the expectations this season?

NS: We always want to host a we have yet to host a playoff game so that’s always our first goal. Host a playoff game then continue to build off from there and you know later on win a state championship in 4A. Bring it back to Randolph.

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