Randolph Football heading into week three undefeated


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Randolph Raiders are off to a great start; they’re coming off their first region win of the season against JPII and improve to a 3-0 record.

Randolph head coach David Lloyd says being undefeated is great, but his team doesn’t focus on that record for too long; they’re worried about going 1-0 every individual week.

Lloyd says they don’t want to focus on what happened in the past too much because they need to look forward to their next opponent.

“The last two weeks we’ve been tested a little bit by some physical football teams and I feel like we’ve matched that on the field,” Lloyd said. “We’ve overcome some adversity that we kind of created ourselves. We’ve stayed in every game, we’ve battled hard and I’m just really pleased with the toughness of our football team to play for four quarters.”

This season has been unlike any other, especially for Lloyd since this is his first year as the head coach of the Raiders, but after all the uncertainty this team is just thankful to be out on the field.”

“We’re just really excited,” said Randolph senior receiver and defensive back Drew Stanley. “You never know when the season’s gonna end, so you always have to play your hardest so we’ve gotta play well.”

“Our guys practice hard, they play hard and it’s really easy with those guys to come out here and prepare for Friday,” Lloyd said. “With the procedures and things that we had to follow it made it a little tricky, but we’ve done the best we can with what we have and we’re moving forward.”

The Raiders travel to New Hope on Friday, September 11.

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