PGA golf tournament set to tee off in Huntsville in 2020

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A PGA golf tournament is coming to Huntsville.

Huntsville City officials, along with and Knight Eady announced the new tournament, called the Huntsville Championship, is set to debut on the annual schedule in 2020. Golfers will compete at The Ledges the week of April 20-26, with 156 players competing for a $600,000 purse. A five-year partnership is in place through 2024.

“The Tour tournament will further elevate Huntsville in the sports world, add more to the quality of life for our community and make a significant impact, both economically and philanthropically,” Mayor Tommy Battle said in a news release. “This is an opportunity to see the next superstars of golf play right here in Huntsville.”

“The Huntsville Championship will be one of the most anticipated events of the 2020 Tour season, and we’re eager to partner with Knight Eady to deliver a great week of tournament golf for the community,” said Tour President Alex Baldwin. “As one of the fastest growing cities in the state, we are confident the vibrant market of Huntsville will allow us to engage local partners, volunteers, and fans as we look to make a memorable debut in 12 months.”

“It’s an extrordinary opportunity. We are thrilled, the community has welcomed us,” explained Baldwin. “We have a top class, prestigious venue in the Ledges which will provide a tremendous competitive challenge for our golfers.”

The Tour is a deciding championship for the PGA Tour, meaning big competition.

“The opportunity to really be that pathway for the PGA Tour and identify the stars of tomorrow. These guys out here are playing at the highest competitive level,” said Baldwin.

Organizers said players will go beyond the course’s gallery and will actually be in the community.

“The spectators and the kids are going to see an incredible amount of interaction with the players,” said David Knight, President of Operations with Knight Eady. “These players want to engage with the community, they want to make hospital visits, they want to visit with the students, they want to get into the schools.”

“It opens us up to the whole world, people get to see what our community looks like. People will come here from all over the world to come and play right here,” added Mayor Battle. “They’ll get to see the beauty of our city and its a sales point for us. It’s an idea of people going away and saying, ‘wow, I had no idea.'”


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