As we gear up for the high school football season, News 19 will be previewing more than 40 of our Tennessee Valley programs in On the Road with Olivia and Claudia.

Episode four features the Sparkman Senators and Westminster Christian Wildcats.

In 2021, the Senators finished 4-6 in the regular season and fourth in Class 7A Region 4, which is a region we know will always have tough competition here in North Alabama.

Head coach LaRon White feels like this year’s group is self motivated and ready to get after it because they want to prove what Sparkman football is all about this season.

“Just the moving with intensity we’ve got to go we want to win every ballgame we want to win a region we want to do well,” White said. “High school sports have gotten to where everybody is so individual. Everybody’s worried about offers and camps and you forget about the team aspect and these guys are with the team. I think we’ve got a good senior group and they’ve been working hard. You ask kids to work hard and you hope they’ll work hard cause that’s what it takes but they have they’ve really been pushing it doing things right and that’s all we can ask for.”

The Westminster Christian Wildcats went 5-5 in the 2021 season. Something big that sticks out to head coach Louis LeBlanc about this year’s group is a difference in leadership.

“We’ve always had good groups, but I guess it’s different this year because we’ve got nine seniors and a lot of underclassmen yet we’re seeing a wide range of classes that are leading,” LeBlanc said. “Not just guys waiting on seniors to lead. Everybody if they see an opportunity to lead they’re looking to take that advantage and help the team in some way.”

LeBlanc also feels like his guys are following their mantra of “day by day” by trying to win the moment.

“They’ve got a great capacity for wanting to get better and learn. They’ve come out here with the desire to do something maybe that’s never been done around here and to do that we’ve got to be together,” LeBlanc said. “It’s been awesome to see them make those decisions to be here and working together.”

Both Sparkman and Westminster open the season Friday, August 19; the Senators will travel to Hazel Green and the Wildcats will host Lee.