No repeat for Brooks Baseball, but senior class has left a lasting impact


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The dream for Brooks Baseball was to go back-to-back, but the reality is that won’t be happening. Like many, the Lions saw their season come to an unexpected end, and just because it was cut short doesn’t mean this group has to be happy with the outcome. Twelve players made up the senior class for the baseball team, and we spoke with two of them who were a key part of bringing this program its first state title a year ago.

Rocco DiSangro: First thing that popped in your mind when your season was postponed then canceled? Just take me through that range of emotions.

Kobe Warden: You know I guess nobody ever knew that this would come I never expected my senior year of baseball to end like this but I do understand why they did it I guess it’s to keep everybody safe. 

Peyton Plants: You know we understand how important this is and it’s just really heartbreaking to go through the whole off season, all that work in just for like seven games that’s all we got and it’s really heartbreaking.

Rocco: Now I know you guys got the 2019 state champs shirt on. How hungry was this group to get back and get a 2020 State champions shirt as well.

Peyton: Very hungry, we were wanting it so bad and it sucks to get cut short. 

Kobe: Probably one of the most devastating things is the fact that we had 6 or 7 returning starters, a lot of our team came back.

Rocco: A lot of seniors, 12 of them. What have the conversations been like between this group when everything went down?

Kobe: Well it was just it’s more just kind of heartbreaking nobody really knows what to say they didn’t really know that anything like this would happen nobody did.

Peyton: Just so unexpected it was like a big shock to all of us that it was really over that quick. 

Rocco: Peyton, you were waiting for some recruiting opportunities. For seniors right now in high school you guys don’t get that extra year back. How does that hurt you in this recruiting process. 

Peyton: Extraordinary. It hurts me so bad just to know that I had the possibility to go if I had my senior year but just to have it cut short really hurts me in my recruiting process.

Rocco: Define to me what it means to be a Brooks Lion.

Kobe: It means everything. Coach Fowler’s always taught us you know play like you know if means the world. Everybody has Brooks across our chest, the paw on our hat the paw on our jerseys, it just means everything to us and we always play with the highest respect for everything.

Peyton: It’s really special to us eclectically after the title last year it really helps out.

Rocco: There’s no secret what you guys accomplished last year. What did coach Fowler sit down to you and say to you or text you guys? 

Peyton: He just told us how much he loved us and just unfair it was how this ended like the way it did.

Kobe: He said everything is bigger than baseball even though this is a hard point for us and we may think that it’s the end of something it’s just the beginning and we can always keep our heads up and learn from this.

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